Question :

Dear Cosmetic Courses,

I did the basic course with you a while ago and wondered if you can give me some advice please.

I saw a patient recently who received Evolance in her lips a year ago from another clinic. She now has hard lumps in her lips (collagen I presume).

She asked me to add volume to her lips again and I’m not sure whether it is a good idea!

From my understanding, Juvederm will not cause further lumps, but I would appreciate your opinion.

Answer :

Thanks for your email.

Unfortunately Evolance, unlike Haluronic acid fillers, cannot not be dissolved and will absorb over time.

Overall we would advise the patient to let the Evolance absorb before injecting Juvederm.

It would be possible to inject into the areas without the lumps to improve the appearance but this would not be guaranteed to improve it and could make the situation worse.

Overall we would leave her alone if possible.

Good luck!