Cannula Benefits for Aesthetic Treatments

Cannula has become increasingly popular within the aesthetic industry. As an aesthetic training company we have seen a rise in delegates wanting to train in this specialty over the last few years, but why is so cannula so popular? In this blog we look at its benefits and comparison to different techniques. 

What is a cannula?STERiGLIDE-cannula-main-1500

  • A longer, bendy needle with a blunt tip
  • Uses an introducer needle to gain access into the skin
  • Ideal for dermal filler treatment, PRP and Skin Boosters

What are the benefits of a cannula?

  • Shape and style will push aide veins and arteries under the skin during treatment, lower risk of complication
  • Can reach larger areas with one insertion point using techniques such as fanning
  • Less bruising as only one entry point
  • More control of the injection depths
  • Lower risk of occlusion and local inflammatory reactions
  • Patients can find cannula less painful
  • One confident in the art of cannula you can experience a quicker procedure time

Needle or Cannula?

Whilst there is different benefits for both, it’s important to understand that every practitioner and patient are different. Also you must take in to consideration your confidence behind administering these treatments. If you feel most confident using a needle and create beautiful results for your clients, then don’t feel the pressure to change to cannula. We would however recommend that you look into the use of cannula and perhaps attend a course such as our Introduction to Cannula to see if it is a route you could go down and feel you could build confidence in.

Find out more about our online cannula courses here! 

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