At Cosmetic Courses we are continually trying to improve the services we provide to our models. In order to do this we regularly ask our models to complete a satisfaction survey. In our most recent survey we had some excellent feedback which we’d like to share with you. We would also just like to say a big thank you to everyone who filled out the survey; it really does help us evaluate the services we provide.

We had over 180 of our models fill out the survey with 70% having already come for treatment and 30% awaiting an appointment. Out of the 126 models who have already had treatment with us 105 of them rated our services as either a 9 or 10 out of 10, which is an excellent result! Please find below the feedback for a number of key categories:

  • Information provided on our non-surgical treatments
  • Treatment pricing
  • Booking an appointment
  • Results from the treatment
  • Overall customer service levels
  • Level of care from our aesthetic trainers

Information provided on our non-surgical treatments

At Cosmetic Courses we want to make sure that you understand the treatments available to you and make sure you pick a treatment that is suitable. Therefore we wanted to measure your thoughts on the information we provide on our website, via email and over the phone.

The results showed an incredible average of 9.19 out of 10 and 71.2% of responses rated the information received on treatments 10 out of 10.

Clear information if you have a query.”

“The quality of trainers is excellent. They explain everything and allow you as much time as you need. Very friendly reception staff as well. All very knowledgeable in their own field.”

We are constantly looking to improve the information given, in particular on the new treatments we introduce. As a result we have added more information to our website including FAQs for each treatment including aftercare and expected results. We will also be introducing short videos on each of our treatments so you can see what to expect on the day of your appointment.

We are now offering over the phone and face-to-face consultations prior to appointments to help you understand which treatments are best for you.

I like the free consultation clinics where practitioners make suggestions on where to have treatment (they suggested cheek fillers which I would never have chosen for myself and I loved it!!!)”

Treatment Pricing

One of the questions asked in the survey was ‘how fair do you think the pricing is?’ As the treatments are carried out by delegates who are training we offer much lower prices than a regular high street clinic, however we wanted to know whether you believe the pricing of the treatments we offer is fair.

The results from the survey showed that the average score was 8.09 out of 10, a brilliant result reflecting the value for money. When asked why they became models for Cosmetic Courses, 44% said it was because of the reduced price!

Here are some of the comments from our models:

 “It is made affordable for me to have the treatments that I would like”

“Great treatments at an affordable price”

I cannot afford to pay the full price, but as a model can get the same treatment from highly skilled professionals for less than a third of the normal cost.”

“I like the range of treatments available and the discounted prices models pay – for hyperhidrosis treatment especially, the savings here are amazing”

We agree with our models and believe that our prices are a fair reflection of the quality of the treatment and aftercare you receive.

Booking an Appointment

One of the aims of the survey was to discover how easy our models felt it was to book an appointment.

The results from our survey showed that out of 10 for the ease of booking an appointment, the average score was 8.46. Whilst this is a very high score, we would like to make sure that the process of booking an appointment is quick and simple for everyone.

One area that presented as needing improving is the availability of more advanced and varied treatments across our four locations.

This is something we are continually working towards and across the next year we hope to make our full range of treatments available at every training centre.

Results from the treatment

One of our main aims from the survey was to find our how satisfied our models are with the quality and the results of the treatment they have received at Cosmetic Courses.

We are very pleased to find that our models have rated the results of their treatment with a brilliant average of 8.51 out of 10.

When asked their favourite part of attending Cosmetic Courses our models explained:

“The overall improvement it made to my face was fabulous”

“The results have been amazing”

“The results firstly – the whole experience was a positive one. But appreciated how considerate the trainers were to my needs as well as the trainee’s needs.”

We currently offer a free of charge review 2-3 weeks post-treatment and will continue to offer this service. Remember if you ever have a problem with a treatment or would just like to ask a question then please don’t hesitate to contact the team who will be more than happy to assist.

Overall Customer Service Levels 

A core aim in Cosmetic Courses is to ensure the customer service we deliver is of a high standard. So it was important for us to include this in our survey to find out any improvements we can make.

We are proud to say that the results from the survey reflected our efforts to deliver great customer service with an average score of 9.05 out of 10. We also received many comments on the friendliness of our staff:

“Everyone is so lovely and welcoming. Everything is explained well. When you are feeling nervous about a procedure, they are there with reassurances and advice.”

“I like all of the service from start to finish!”

The reception team are lovely to talk to and were very helpful.”

“The customer service is fantastic “

Level of Care from our Aesthetic Trainers

We pride ourselves on the care delivered by our trainers and it is important to us that our models feel like they are being well looked after.

We are very pleased to say that the models that took part in the survey rated the care received from the trainers at an average of 9.3/10, and had plenty of lovely comments about our trainers:

The whole experience was a positive one. But I appreciated how considerate the trainers were to my needs as well as the trainee’s needs”

“The quality of trainers is excellent. They explain everything and allow you as much time as you need. Very friendly reception staff as well. All very knowledgeable in their own field”

The trainer is wonderful I want her every time I have a treatment”

We just want to say a big thank you to all of our models for providing this invaluable feedback and your continued support.

If you have any queries or would like to find out more about becoming a model, please feel free to contact our team on 01844 390 110 or send us an email at [email protected].