One London clinic is now offering a Californian-produced alternative to Botox which promises the same results minus the toxins, which may come as welcome news to those who are interested in the results of the treatment but uncomfortable with the thought of what is in it.

iovera has been dubbed ‘Frotox’ due to its use of cryotherapy, effectively freezing, to produce the same results as Botox. Its results are said to be instantaneous as opposed to the few days that it can take for Botox to take effect. However its lifespan is slighter shorter lasting a maximum duration of four months.

Developed by medical technology group myoscience, it currently tackles forehead lines (running vertically or horizontally) through administering the treatment to either temple. A device filled with liquid nitrogen is placed next to the nerves which freezes the muscles used to control particular wrinkles. Advocates suggest that the accuracy of the nerve targeting is such that it still allows movement in the muscle.

The treatment lasts for 15 minutes and is so far retailing at £300 at a Harley Street Clinic. Some detractors insist that it poses no viable alternative to Botox, which has been used for several years, until its long-term safety and capability has been demonstrated.

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