Question :

Dear Cosmetic Courses,

I have a patient with the following Dermal Fillers query and wondered whether you could advise? At the beginning of December, she had Juvederm Dermal Filler injected into an area under her cheekbone. Initially the region was tender and sore. After about a week the pain increased and her face became swollen on one side with a round hard solid lump in this area.

She went away on holiday shortly after and, whilst away, phoned her GP who advised her to take antibiotics. She has since been on a seven day course of amoxyllin and a five day course of augmentin 625mg. On returning she visited the same GP who advised her to see a specialist as he was not sure if an abscess had formed or a haematoma .

I have now examined the area, however, and feel that this is not an abscess as it is a hard mass and therefore, could maybe be a haematoma, or the filler with an infection around it?  Her own GP back home seems to agree as he has taken her off the augmentin and put her on a course of cefuroxime 250mg.

Do you think Hyaluronidase might dissolve the filler and how long after the infection has healed can this be done (providing that the lump is the filler! )

Answer :

Unfortunately, it does sound as though your patient has an infection in her cheek area which the GP was right to treat with antibiotics.

When the infection has settled down it may be possible to treat her with Hyalase but this is certainly not recommended whilst infection is still prevailant.

We may be able to provide further advice and information if you send a photograph of her to: [email protected]

Should there be further problems, our expert surgical team at Aurora Clinics would be happy to see her for a free consultation.

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The Cosmetic Courses Team