Superdrug Aesthetics

This month it was announced that Superdrug will start offering Botox and dermal filler treatments to its customers. With this concern was raised on the general safety of the idea and a point was raised on will the increase of easily accessible clinics create a downfall in private practices.

Its not a shock to hear that aesthetic procedures are becoming increasingly popular by the month, with appointments being made just as frequently as eye brow waxing. The accessibility of these treatments has become more apparent now more than ever. The younger generation know more about injectables then they do algebra and the older generation are looking for quick fixes to restore their youth especially when superdrug aesthetics exists. With no real regulation set in place yet, the competition for clinics is a hard game and now more than ever do practitioners need to be thinking out of the box to keep their clientele.

Our tips for keeping ahead of competition…

Continue your professional development

The industry continues to grow and you shouldn’t stop your knowledge from growing with it. By continuing your professional development you are advancing your skill set, either by attending additional training courses in other treatments, refreshing your knowledge in what you already know, joining aesthetic association society’s and attending conference. By keeping afloat in the world of aesthetics not only are you furthering your knowledge but you are making sure they you aren’t left behind as the industry advances and grows!

Expand your treatment menu

Filler and Botox can do amazing things, let alone all the additional skincare treatments but are you offering all of these amazing things to your clients? Not only will you attract new clientele with your additional treatments but you are also able to use them to up sell to existing customers with their treatment plans. Do you think the lady who has been coming to you for 2 years for lip filler would be interested to know you now offer non-surgical rhinoplasty to help straighten her nose that she always complains about?

Stock products

Alongside your treatments we recommend you also stock products. Choose a brand you believe in and want to work with, from here you should contact a representative of the brand to set up a partnership. By choosing brands that aren’t accessible to the public in pharmacists you are giving customers a reason to come to you. Upsell your products with your treatments, for example if you offer Chemical Peels and have advised them to wear sunscreen everyday, make sure you stock this! They are more likely to buy from you because they trust you.

Keep your patient and practitioner relationship strong

The best form of marketing is word of mouth from happy patients. If your patient feels valued and they are pleased with their treatments they are likely to tell their friends and family, after all their face is your biggest advert. Make sure to keep your relationships strong by offering a friendly and safe environment for your patients. A strong bond between patient and practitioner out weighs accessible high street.  Aesthetic treatments are a sensitive procedure and should be treated so.

It’s important to remember that competition is not to be seen as a negative and practitioner should not automatically assume they are at risk. It’s a chance to evaluate what you are offering and your own personal development! So even though superdrug aesthetics may exsists you can still thrive. 

Continuing your professional development with Cosmetic Courses

Cosmetic Courses is an internationally recognised training provider teaching medical professionals in aesthetics. We offer over 26 courses over 7 locations and an online learning academy. Our ethos is experience, quality and success which shines on to our training and support given throughout our delegates journeys!

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