Treating The Neck Area

It’s a showing sign of age and a common area forgotten about but what treatments can aid an ageing neck?

In this blog we delve deep into the ageing neck and discuss your treatment options when treating your patients.

Treatment choices for the neck area:

Injectable Skincare: Rederm

Rederm hydrates, stimulates collagen and elastin, aids the conversion of glucose to ATP and significantly improves pigmentation. This half day hands-on course focuses on the benefits of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid over low molecular weight and the positive effect it has on skin quality when combined with succinic acid.

We will look at treating areas that are usually very difficult to treat such as under the eye where the skin is thin, dehydrated and of poor structure, full face, neck and décolletage for skin rejuvenation and lifting and discuss other areas where Rederm is be used effectively.


Microneedling provides a strong collagen production, thickening the dermis which in turn creates significant improvement in pores and acne scarring. This treatment can either be carried out using a manual roller such as a Dermaroller or a mechanical device such as a Collagen PIN. Both are used by causing small pin pricks across the skin promoting a “trauma” and causing the bodies own collagen to accelerate in rescuing the damaged skin thus resulting in a youthful glow post recovery.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

A long standing and results driven treatment within aesthetics, PRP uses your bodies own growth factors in order for the skin to repair and rejuvenate itself. The platelets in the blood are concentrated in clear plasma. Once this plasma is injected into the skin, a large amount of growth factors are released to stimulate the soft tissue regeneration great for treatment an ageing neck.

Lower Face Botox 

Lower Face Botox treatments minimise wrinkles and fine lines by relaxing the nerves to your muscles, the treatment softens wrinkles to reveal smoothed out complexion.


It is important to add that when treating such areas as an ageing neck you will need to develop a course of treatments for your patient to achieve optimum results whether this be a course of 6 PRP or an injectable plan. Talking to your patients and discussing their concerns whilst also working within their budget, you can create a results driven consistent plan to leave them with long lasting results. You can find more about our treatment plan advice by clicking here. 

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