A Manchester clinic has undertaken research in to consumer opinion, on where and by whom people would undergo non-invasive cosmetic procedures. The results are quite startling – with a sizable minority happy to undergo work by those who are not specifically trained for the task at hand.

On the heels of the Keogh review, whose recommendations are yet to be implemented, many practitioners and clinics are keen to make their credentials clear and to advise those who are looking for treatment that it is always preferable to have it carried out by those uniquely qualified for a specific treatment. What is clear from this group of surveyed participants however is that the general public themselves are worryingly blasé about who treats them.

In the survey 16% admitted they would undertake non-invasive body-sculpting by someone who was not qualified to carry it out. 17% said that they would be happy to have Botox administered or dentist work carried out by someone who was not qualified to do so.

A minority were also unfussy as to where they had the treatments carried out, with a quarter happy to visit a beauty salon for non-invasive treatments and 5% who would be willing to do it at a friend’s house. A similar number would be willing to have their treatment carried out in their own home.

The problem with having procedures carried out by those who are unqualified, and with not being in a clinical environment whilst doing so is not just that the likelihood of things going wrong is greater. If something requires urgent medical assistance then there is no immediate back up for that and the customer will have to seek medical help elsewhere. There is also no accountability if something does go wrong.