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Here at Cosmetic Courses, we want to reassure patients considering lip filler and also provide practitioners with information and advice Lip Filler side effects.

An overview of Lip Filler

Dermal fillers are made from hyaluronic acid which is a key molecule involved in the skin’s moisture. In Dermal fillers, this is suspended in a gel. They’re mainly used by practitioners to improve the appearance of wrinkles and replace the volume that has been lost due to the ageing process.

The Procedure

A topical anaesthetic (numbing cream) may be applied in advance to the area to be injected, minimising any discomfort from the injections. Using a very fine needle, a slow injection of filler is injected into the agreed area.  When treating the lip area, your lips are separated into two treatment areas – the vermillion borders and the main body of your lips. The vermillion border will give your lips definition; where as the main body will give your lips volume. This will be discussed with your practitioner beforehand so that you can gain the look that you want to achieve. Using a very fine needle, a slow injection of filler is placed into the lip to create the desired result. Sometimes a little massage is required but this depends on the depth and placement of the product we are using.

Lip Filler Side effects

As with any treatment, there are some risks and side effects, and not everyone will experience the same thing each time, but you need to be aware of them:

Bruising and bleeding

Depending on the type of person that you are, or are treating, there maybe some bruising, slight swelling and slight bleeding after the treatment has taken place. The swelling should subside within 24-48 hours but can last up to 2 weeks , and the bruising within 5 –10 days. The bleeding will be minor and will stop within a few minutes of treatment.

Lumps and bumps

Once you have had filler it is common for you to be able to feel the product particularly in the lip area and most noticeably on your first treatment. Filler can also sometimes rise to the surface and leave a few lumps and bumps a few days after treatment. Usually this will settle but if it doesn’t this can often be treated by gently massaging the area. However it is always best to speak with your practitioner before doing anything else.


If you are prone to cold sores and picking up infections quite quickly, having an injection to the area may trigger an attack. Keeping the lip area clean and using fresh clean towels can help to prevent an infection or cold sore from starting. If you have a cold sore or think one is on the way you should hold off from having any procedures until this has completely cleared. You should also discuss this with your practitioner as they may advise alternative treatments or products.

If you would like more information on the courses that we offer, or would like to enquire about becoming a model for us,  you can email [email protected] or call the team on 01844 390110.

Find out more about our practical lip filler training courses and our online lip filler courses here.

Our Lip Filler Training Courses


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At Cosmetic Courses, we teach Doctors, Dentists and Nurses to perform safe Botox®, facial filler and other aesthetic skin treatments. For the practical part of our training courses, we need a steady supply of great, reliable models looking to undergo treatment. And that’s where YOU come in…

What do models do?

Our training is held at centres around the country, with courses happening every month. Models come along to sessions and receive high-quality skin treatments from course delegates under close supervision by our expert trainers – at a heavily discounted price.

Sounds good. Is it safe?

Cosmetic Courses: photo showing Dermaroller training - one of the skin treatments available to our modelsAbsolutely. All courses are held in fully functioning clinics, and taught by medically qualified aesthetic trainers. The course attendees are qualified medical professionals who are already experienced injectors. And treatments are carried out in a controlled environment under extremely close supervision.

So you can be completely confident in the safety of your treatment.

Which skin treatments are available?

Botox® treatment, facial fillers (including lip and tear trough fillers), non-surgical Rhinoplasty, Dermaroller, chemical peels, PRP Therapy (‘Vampire Facelift’), 8 point facelift and more.

We regularly add new courses to our programme, so there may be new treatments available in future.

What discount can I expect?

It varies, but typically, you can expect to pay only around half the usual price for any treatment.

Where are your training centres?

We’ve six dedicated training centres across the country, in Leeds, Birmingham, Buckinghamshire, London, Kent and Essex. Click to see more information and the full addresses of our training locations.

Can I hear from one of your models?

We knew you’d ask that! Click on the video below to hear from Carmel, one of our regular models.

I’m in! How do I become a model for aesthetic treatments?

It’s easy. First, you might want to read more about the benefits of modelling for skin treatments. Then all you need to do is fill out our quick Model Registration Form.

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Aesthetic models needed for our courses in KentAt Cosmetic Courses, we’re always looking to add to our pool of reliable aesthetic models. Due to growth, we’re now looking for models to join us at our training courses in King’s Hill, Kent. 

If you live in Kent and are seriously thinking about aesthetic treatments, why not consider joining our model database?

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Who we are

Established in 2002 in Buckinghamshire by Consultant Plastic Surgeon Mr Adrian Richards, we’re the UK’s foremost medical aesthetic training company. Because of our great reputation in the industry, we’re expanding all the time. We now have six dedicated training centres across the South East, West Midlands and the North East of England.

What we do

We provide a wide range of professional training courses for qualified doctors, dentists and nurses who are looking to enter the aesthetic industry. Our courses are delivered in clinical environments by a team of medically qualified expert aesthetic trainers – all of whom have significant experience of working in the aesthetic industry themselves.

Because our courses are practical and hands-on, we always provide real models for everyone who comes to train with us. So we’re always looking for reliable people who’d like to receive aesthetic treatments in a safe, controlled training environment at highly reduced rates.

Why  join our pool of aesthetic models?

Registering on our aesthetic models database gives you the opportunity to experience a wide range of anti-ageing and rejuvenating treatments at a significant discount. Typically, you can expect to pay only around 50% of the usual price for any treatment.

Treatments include anti-wrinkle injections, facial fillers (including the 8 Point Facelift), Dermaroller, chemical peel, microsclerotherapy and PRP Therapy (the ‘Vampire Facelift’).

You’ll always be treated by a medically qualified course delegate (a doctor, dentist or nurse) under extremely close supervision by our expert trainers, so you can be completely confident in the safety of your treatment.

And though you’ll need to work around our course dates, we have plenty of courses scheduled throughout the year so you should always be able to come along to a course date and time that’s suitable for you.

But perhaps the biggest benefit is that there are no limits to how many times you can model for us. Once we know you are reliable, our team will be happy to contact you whenever we have a requirement, so you could never need to pay full price for aesthetic treatment again.

Where does our Kent training take place?

Our Kent training courses are held at the Illuminate Skin Clinic, Suite 30, 60 Churchill Square, Kings Hill, Kent, ME19 4YU. The clinic has easy access from Central London and the South East via the M25, with ample parking on-site. The closest train station is West Malling.

How to become a model

If you’re interested in modelling in Kent, visit our Models section and complete the online Model Registration Form. You can specify which treatments you are interested in, and which of our centres you can travel to. If you are a suitable candidate, and are chosen to attend a course, we’ll be in touch to invite you to a training session where you’ll receive your treatment for a very reduced fee.

For more information about Cosmetic Courses or joining our database of aesthetic models, please feel free to contact our team on 01844 318317 or email [email protected].