The growth of non-invasive procedures is the largest in the aesthetic medicine industry and so provides plastic surgery clinics with the most potential when it comes to growing their business. Many clinics have become savvy to this and now offer procedures such as Botox, fillers and chemical peels alongside their usual offering of surgical procedures.

So why aren’t more? It could simply be down to training – most plastic surgeons are experts in the field of surgery as opposed to non-invasive treatments, despite them becoming so popular and widely available. At the moment such procedures can be performed by a number of different professionals, so do you re-train or invest in new staff and train those?

Which route will depend on the individual business, however one thing is clear – as the fastest-growing area within the industry it’s not something that plastic surgery clinics can ignore. There are different types of courses available to medical professionals, including for plastic surgeons already in practice, such as Botox and dermal filler training.

Hiring professionals who already perform such procedures is another possibility, rather than taking the surgeon’s focus away from their primary task. Alternatively it’s also possible to hire staff who are not currently performing such procedures and paying for their training whilst they work on the job.

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