Cosmetic Courses Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner and Trainer, Libby Stewart, is always keen to further her development and frequently gets invited to some of the most exclusive training events in the industry: testament to her skill and reputation. Following on from her recent Juvaderm Voluma training, Libby recently attended training in the innovative new Pix-L Cannula Technique, held at the Q-Med headquarters in London. She is fortunate to be amongst the first UK aesthetic nurses to be trained in the use of this new technique from Restylane. In this Blog, Libby shares her experience and tells you a bit about the Pix-L Cannula Technique…

The Pix-L Cannula Technique

The Pix-L cannula technique is a method in which individual treatment areas or a full face can be treated with filler from one injection site.

It is best known as a “blunt technique” and there has been quite a lot of excited publicity about this bluntness because an obvious benefit of using blunt cannulas is that the treatment can be more comfortable for the patient. There is less inflammation, discomfort and chance of bruising and swelling. Psychologically, patients who are squeamish of sharp needles might feel happier. There is even thought to be a better aesthetic result with a higher safety factor.

According to the official Q-Med site: “The Pix’L™ cannula has a blunt tip which does not cut through the tissue but pushes it gently to the side without injuring it. A lateral outlet enables the injection to be precise, and a special inner surface layer allows optimum flow of the hyaluronic acid. The unique replenishment of volume is only attained with the combination of the Pix’L™ cannula in the correct cannula size for the corresponding gel particle size of hyaluronic acid in Restylane.

To provide maximum control and high quality instruments – every Pix’L™ needle is precisely tested after every manufacturing step. In total there are 12 test phases as well as a test under microscope in order to satisfy the most demanding customers. A Haute Couture treatment result requires an ultra precise tool for you, the practitioner – the Pix’L™ micro cannula.”

The fact that these Pix-L Cannulas can treat large areas of the face at a time whilst causing less pain and bruising (physically and psychologically!) to the patient is just so exciting. The treatment is being hailed as the ‘liquid facelift’ and is sure to become huge. At the moment, however, only certain highly qualified specialists (like Libby!) are being invited to train in this technique.

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