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Celebrities have always been the gold standard to what we perceive as being “beautiful.” So when women such as Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, and Keira Knightley, grace the red carpet with big smiles and plump full lips, having this feature becomes the desire of women and men alike everywhere. However, not everyone is born with full lips and some may need the help of lip filler treatment. Lip augmentation is a procedure that is used to both enlarge and reshape the appearance of one’s lips.

Why do we have lip filler treatment?

This procedure is not only used for cosmetic purposes, either. Some suffer from lip anomalies, such as a cleft palate, and need the procedure to live a more comfortable and full life. A person with this type of condition may have speech problems, many ear infections, and even hearing problems. By using lip filler treatment to help correct the anomaly, one can finally enjoy day-to-day life without any discomfort. There are several different ways for one to manipulate their lips through surgery. Some are more invasive than others, but in the end, it is all about one’s personal preference. The most common ways to perform lip augmentation are through lip fillers, implants, and manipulation of the appearance through surgery.

The most frequent procedure that people choose for lip augmentation is to use fillers that are injected into one’s lips. The healing process after any of these procedures should only last four to six weeks. However, the swelling should go down after a maximum of 10 days. These procedures offer the celebrity look that everyone is trying to achieve without drastically altering one’s appearance.

Lips Tell the Story of Your Age

If the eyes are a window to the soul, the lips tell the story of a woman’s age. Lips of both sexes reach the fullness of maturity in early adulthood, and then between the ages of 30 and 40 begin to lose volume and experience the shrinkage that is part of the normal aging process.

A recent scientific study concludes that fuller lips, however, more than any other facial feature, belie the telltale signs of aging to make a woman appear more youthful than her age. People notice graying hair and wrinkles less in a face with a full, young-looking mouth.

Not only do a set of plump, pouting lips communicate youthful verve, they also exude a strong sexual allure tor the opposite sex.

The Genetic Factor

Researcher David Gunn at Unilever, the firm that sponsored the study at 11 universities on a global level including St. Andrews, says that the way lips age is largely determined by genetics. While sun damage augments the signs of aging, DNA has the greater influence over lip shrinkage.

Upon analysis of a Caucasian test group of more than 100 pairs of Dutch twins as well as 162 British females between the ages of 45-75, researchers concluded that wrinkles, liver spots, and sun damage to skin resulted from both genetic and environmental influences. However, the progression of receding hairlines, grayness, and lip shrinkage are the direct result of heredity.

Improving on Heredity

Lip shrinkage may be more difficult to address than other genetic factors. While a quick trip to the beauty shop can effectively conceal the gray, you need to address lip shrinkage before it shows.

London cosmetic surgeon Barry Jones believes that subtle lip treatment at an early age can preserve lip fullness in women and thus enhance their youthful appearance longer. While a young woman does not require a complete face lift, addressing lip shrinkage before it has progressed significantly is the best course of action.

Such techniques as collagen injections or silicone implants can enhance lips and keep lips attractive for years. Jones does not normally use these procedures for women over the age of 60 because lip thinning is already advanced and such cosmetic remedies are largely ineffective.

Professional cosmetic advice can also help you keep your lips looking youthful. Artfully applied lip liner, gloss, color and powder can be wonderful aid in sprucing up even the most youthful pout.

Advances in Lip Augmentation

Even tribal cultures associate full lips with youthful beauty. Since the Stone Age, women of all ethnic background have undergone procedures, simple or complicated, to enhance lip size and create a fuller, more defined appearance. Women have come a long way since the Stone Age, but the quest for fuller lips continues. Young girls today look to the lips of Kylie Jenner and Angelina Jolie as definitive models of the way the lips of women should look.

The two main components of beautiful lips are fullness and youthfulness. As women age, fissures and crevices develop, eclipsing the youthfulness required to maintain beautiful lips. Cosmetic surgeons have developed a vast selection of substances that reverse fissures and crevices, temporarily.

Lip filler treatment to achieve the perfect pout

A main aspect in lip fillers rise to popularity is how fast it can be done. Treatment times can be less than half an hour with plump results showing immediately. Longevity of treatment can last up to 6 months, achieving a constant perfect pout.

Before and afters of lip filler treatment: 

Lip filler training

At Cosmetic Courses we offer three options for your lip filler training:

  1. Introduction to Lip Filler Training Course: this one day course is the perfect follow on for our Foundation course, for those eager to learn the art of lip filler. The course covers basic techniques, anatomy, patient suitability and product selection whilst using live models provided by us.
  2. Lip Filler Masterclass Training Course: delving deeper into lip filler treatment whilst incorporating use of cannula and its benefits with a more advanced approach.
  3. Lip Filler Online Courses: we also offer online course for lip filler training, these act as the theory part of your learning and can be referred back to at anytime within our online portal. After successful completion you will then be invited to attend a practical session on the treatment with live models and expert supervision.

Lip filler treatment

We offer lip filler treatment at our clinics across the UK within a training environment for a reduced cost of performed in clinic with our practitioners, both using quality products and care.

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