Like it or not, Instagram is taking over. For us in aesthetics it’s a great place to showcase clinic offerings through before and afters, obtaining patient interest. It’s important to stay on trend whilst being true to your brand. We researched the top 10 most instagrammed treatments to show you whats trending aiding you in your social planning and possible future training!

1. #Microneedling – 2.4m

A surprising number 1 place, search microneedling and you will find millions (2.4 exactly) posts on this skin rejuvenation treatment. In clinic you can offer this as manual or mechanical, both devices use the same technique – puncturing small holes in the skin to cause a trauma. This trauma will kick-start the body to use its own collagen and protect the outer layers thus creating an end goal of glowing, rejuvenated skin. Suitable for anti-ageing, fine lines, scarring such as acne and stretch marks.

Want to learn a more about microneedling and add this number 1 # to your clinics page? We have two options to learn, our online Microneedling course or our in clinic Microneedling Training Course!

2. #Lipfiller – 1.8mLIP TOP 10

This one comes as no surprise, when you think of aesthetics, you think lip fillers. The popular hashtag contains plump lips from around the world including plenty of famous pouts. Lip filler is a number one course for us at Cosmetic Courses and a go to treatment for our patients. Although it might be a trending topic, its important to assess each patient individually – as with all aesthetics, its no one size fits all! Take the time to understand your patients face and their ideals, then complete the procedure with a holistic approach.

Our one day lip filler training course in clinic covers all areas of treatment from consultation, treatment to aftercare and complications, you can find out more here or you can enroll on our online lip filler training course to dip your toes into the world of lips!

3. #Dermalfillers – 1.5m

Dermal filler is a versatile product which when trained in correctly you could redefine almost anything! The dermal fillers tag shows images and videos of just how amazing it can be, from lips to lines. A fantastic approach to redefine the face adding contour and definition, dermal fillers are a great alternative for surgery with little down time and fast results!

We offer a variety of dermal filler courses at our training centres, some are categorized into areas such as tear trough, lip filler and the more advanced specialties. We also have course that cover multiple treatment areas in dermal fillers such as our Foundation course, Advanced and Dermal Filler Contouring Course. There is also a whole host of online dermal filler courses on our academy.

4. #Laserhairremoval – 1.4m

Number 4 in our top 10 most instagrammed treatments is the firm favorite, laser hair removal! Popular with many patients offering them the chance to be silky smooth without a hair insight. In 2021 laser and aesthetic machinery are coming into their own, no longer are they clinic add-ons but they are starting to hold their own with some clinics only specializing in the art of laser.

If laser is something you would be interested in training in we offer our Level 4 in Skin Rejuvenation which covers laser treatment amongst a whole host of skin rejuvenation treatments.


Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty is one of our personal favourite, the life changing results this treatment can give with little to no downtime are outstanding. Although the hashtag is Rhinoplasty so we may see some surgical results in the mix, it is still used for non-surgical too. Once you take a scroll through you’ll find it hard to know what is surgery and what is non-surgical!

We offer our popular Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Training Course in our training clinics across the UK along with an online Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty theory available to purchase with the option to complete the practical element when you feel confident to do so.

6. #Chemicalpeel – 763k

Another viral skin rejuvenation treatment hitting the popular page. Chemical peels are a go-to for all types of clients with a large suitability list, peels can be adjusted in strength to suit each patient and their ideals. Most peels are recommended to have in a course of 3-6 over a period of time for optimum results, so in terms of before and afters its one you have to wait for but we suggest documenting every after from each treatment to see the full affect.

Our Chemical Peel Training Courses are split between a morning of theory, understanding the skin and the products needed followed by an afternoon of practical on live models, we also stock the products used so you are ready to go out and start transforming the world, one glowing face at a time. Our academy chemical peel training course is also a handy resource to refer back anytime, anywhere.

7. #Cheekfillers – 440k

In our opinion an understated treatment, not only does a bit of filler in the cheeks adds specific volume but by just treating the cheeks you will see results across the rest of the face. This contouring treatment can lift and define the face from just one point. If you want to find out more about the possibilities of cheek filler we have created an online course all about it which you can access anytime, anywhere!

8. #Chinfiller – 259k

Next up in our top 10 most instagrammed treatments is another underdog of aesthetics, chin filler. Scroll through the thousands of posts and you will impressed with how just adding filler to the chin can transform the lower face and add definition. By adding volume to the chin you are also changing the side profile with life changing results, this non-surgical treatment is a savior for those who don’t want to go through with corrective surgery.

We cover chin filler on our dermal filler contouring course. By looking at the face holistically it may mean that in some patients they would benefit with a little chin filler and some other tweaks to improve the face as a whole, something we go in to detail on in this course.

9. #Nonsurgicalfacelift – 225k

The treatment which put aesthetics on the map by showcasing just how amazing and life changing a non-surgical treatment can be. Non-Surgical Facelifts work by using a variety of dermal filler and in some cases botulinum toxin to assess the whole face whether that be a trusted 8-point technique of the newer Z lift techniques. The combination of products and technique can redifine the whole face with no surgery and little down time. Take a look at the hashtags yourself to see how amazing it is!

At Cosmetic Courses we offer our popular Non-Surgical Facelift Training Day for medical professionals available in our training clinics with live models.

10. #PDOthreads – 187k

Last but by no means least on our top 10 instagrammed treatments is the ground-breaking PDO thread lifts. More invasive than the standard aesthetic treatment but longer lasting results and still less invasive than a surgical facelift. Thread lifts work by inserting threads into the face from specific entry points and lift the skin from underneath.

We offer training in this world wide phenomenon, PDO Thread Lifting in our CQC registered clinics across the UK using market leading N-Finder threads.

There we have it, the top 10 most popular treatments on instagram. Aesthetics is a fast paced industry and we are sure to see a change in the top 10 as new treatments and techniques take the limelight. Social media is a powerful tool for any business, we recommend for your to do your own research, see whats trending and see what your customers want. This can help you to make important decisions in clinic offerings and potential training. 

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